Fort Bend County Parks To Remain Open With New Signage On COVID-19 Safety Measures


Protecting physical and mental health & preventing the spread of novel coronavirus

Fort Bend County, TX – Fort Bend County Judge KP George announced today that County Parks will remain open to the public. In addition, Judge George and the County Parks & Recreation Department have installed new signage to educate the public on best practices on how to maintain social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19.

It is vital for the public to know that no one should go to the parks or trails if exhibiting coronavirus symptoms.

To see the graphics for the signage visit here. For photos of the signs already up visit here.

“It is important for physical and mental health to exercise, get sunlight, and take a nice walk during these difficult times. For that reason, I am keeping our county parks and trails open to the community,” Judge KP George said Friday. “While you enjoy public spaces outside, I ask you to carefully maintain social distancing and the best sanitary practices to slow the spread of coronavirus, especially to those in our community who are most vulnerable. We must stay healthy and care for our neighbors at the same time.”

The new signs guidelines are from the National Recreation & Parks Association and displayed in both English and Spanish. The guidelines for the parks are:

  • Social Distancing: Keep a minimum 6 feet distance from other persons outside your household. When walking or running, keep the minimum distance from others on trails. When passing from behind, warn others of your presence and pass at a distance. Step aside to let others pass who are moving faster.
  • Follow CDC guidance on personal hygiene (hand washing) both before and after visiting parks or trails.
  • Prepare in advance to know that bathrooms, facilities, complexes, benches, playgrounds and other structures are closed on County Parks.

A listing of all Fort Bend County parks is here.